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Fredrick-Shelton & Associates Inc. is a Manufacturers' Representative/Stocking Distributor covering Georgia, Alabama and surrounding areas.

Below are Case Studies of Ceilcote products.

Control of Salt Dust in Snack Food Manufacturing

A name-brand snack food producer approached Ceilcote APC for a simple solution to their dust problem. During the final production stages for various snacks, salt and spice flavorings were sprayed on the product and the entrained overspray needed to be ventilated and scrubbed.
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Wastewater Treatment Odor

A number of sources in the wastewater treatment process such as the headworks, aeration tanks, settling tanks and dewatering press can produce high-intensity odors from gaseous sulfide emissions. The most common sulfides are hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and methyl mercaptan.
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From the Ceilcote website :

Strongsville, Ohio -- Ceilcote Air Pollution Control, the global leader in the design and manufacturing of FRP fans and odor control systems for wastewater treatment plants, announces the receipt of an award for the design and supply of four centrifugal FRP fans for a new wastewater processing treatment plant for the fast-growing Atlanta, GA. Area. The requirement was for a series of proven, high-strength air handling systems to remove gases from this critical facility. These large fans stand at nearly 8' tall each with a 48' forward curved radial tip impeller, providing exceptional air movement, while the FRP construction withstands the harshest environments, as demonstrated repeatedly over the past fifty years.

During the past two years, Fredrick-Shelton & Associates, Ceilcote's local representative, facilitated the planning and design process among the end-user, the engineering consultant and Ceilcote, insuring correct design of the system and strict adherence to specification. This cooperation, combined with decades of Ceilcote's successful installations around the world, led to this award.

From bio-filtration to wet-scrubbing, Ceilcote builds FRP fans to insure peak, trouble-free performance of your new or existing odor control system. Our precision-balanced FRP fans are the most durable, longest-lasting, corrosion-resistant fans used in the wastewater industry, as evidenced by our hundreds of successful wastewater plant installations. There are reasons that Ceilcote fans are the favorite, repeat choice of thousands of engineers, architects, municipalities and industrial plants around the world. With our global presence and over 50 years of design and fabrication experience and learning, we have tackled a project just like yours, probably many times over.

Below are Case Studies of Thayer Scale products.

Low Density Weigh Belts & Belt Scales

A major OSB Board producer uses Thayer Low Density “M” Weigh Belts and “FP” Belt Scales to blend and control wood fiber in the manufacturing of OSB board.

Thayer's model FP and Model “M” low density Weigh Belts and belt scales are used extensively in the making of OSB board paneling. In the beginning stages of the process, Thayer Low Density Weigh Belts which a specifically designed to weigh materials in the 1 to 10 PCF range, are used to control wood flow plus the addition of resin and wax to the blender.

Later on in the process the continuous “mat” of pre-pressed board is continuously weighed and monitored by Thayer “FP” Belt Scales.

Thayer Loss-In-Weight Feeders loss-in-weight cable scale feeder

A major OSB Board manufacturer uses Thayer Loss In Weight Feeders accurately meter resin in the manufacturing of OSB board.

This OSB (Oriented Strand Board) manufacturer uses several Thayer Loss In Weigh Feeder systems to accurately meter resin into their glue blenders for mixing with wood strand.

Thayer Scale provided the complete system including the Bulk Bag Unloaders, intermediate surge bins, Loss In Weight Cable Feeders, and the pneumatic conveying system which included the eductors, regenerative blowers and heat exchangers.
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